A 3-Step Guide to Improve User Experience

A 3-Step Guide to Improve User Experience

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is designed in a way to help managers and business owners create a better overall experience both for their customers and their staff.

In the case of clients, a CRM system is supposed to allow the employees of the company, especially the sales and the marketing team, to store the existing customers’ information by providing a safe cloud-like space for them so that the data do not get manipulated, violated, or lost. This way, the team at the company will be able to solve the current customers’ issues every time they interact with the company much faster and more efficiently. As for potential customers, a CRM system is basically a guide for the sales and the marketing team to target people who might be interested in buying a certain type of product or service. The CRM system does that based on the information it acquires from people’s choices and interests on social media or their interactions with other websites.

When it comes to the customer service team at the company, the CRM system’s responsibility is to provide all the necessary information a team member needs to have to do their job in the best way possible. This information could be customers’ contact information, sales leads, open tickets, and so on.

Apart from all the benefits that were mentioned above, A CRM system can also bring these advantages to any business:

  • It can increase the level of satisfaction among existing customers in interacting or purchasing from the company.
  • It can turn existing customers into loyal customers that keep coming back for purchasing more products or services and also advocate the company in society.
  • It can decrease the number of unhappy customers due to the improved quality of the delivered services.
  • It can put your company in a competitive position in the market.
  • It can bring more profit and capital to the company.
  • It can cement the rapport your company builds with its customers.

So, now that we are certain about how much a CRM system can benefit any company or business, the next question is how we can use it to take the most advantage out of it and improve our team’s performance.

Here is our 3-step guide for a better customer experience, which is very easy to follow:


1. Make sure you keep your contact with customers

This is something completely manageable with a minimum amount of effort. You can easily do so using the marketing automation functionality from any CRM system. This way, you can send regular emails to your customers about different updates, changes in your company, new products or services, sales, newsletters, or any other information you would like them to be aware of. However, you need to make sure in advance that your customers have allowed you to contact them about these things. If the content of the emails you are sending out is valuable and informative, customers really appreciate receiving this information.

Also, you can arrange automated congratulatory emails or text messages to be sent out on your customers’ birthdays or for national holidays. This way, you show your customers that they matter to you, and you have not forgotten them after their purchase. This email or text message could be accompanied by a promo code that the customer can use on their birthday to get a discount on a certain product. Remember, it is always with these little things that a customer decides to stay loyal to your company.


2. Always communicate in a personalized way

Here's a key point; did you know that your customer is twice as more likely to open your email if it is personalized with their first name in the subject line?

The automation functionality of a CRM system allows you to personalize your communication for every customer you are contacting, form the subject to the email body. This personalization makes the customer feel closer to your company on a personal level.

Plus, a CRM system can enable you to send out emails with very specific content to every customer. Using the information that your CRM collects from customers, you can target them with more strategized marketing techniques. This could be based on their age, their location, their interests, hobbies, the type of work they do, their level of education, or even their gender. There is an endless number of possibilities.


3. Be consistent

Have you ever thought about why some big names in any kind of business so popular? Take McDonald’s as an example. And it is not just limited to a specific country or region. It is all over the world. Is it because of the quality of the food there? Of course, yes, but if so, why is it so popular even outside the United States?

That’s right. It is because of the consistency of the quality. Wherever you go, the Big Mac will taste the same. That is exactly how a brand manages to grow and become a dominant competitor in the market. If your services’ quality is equal every time a customer reaches out to you, you can manage to attract more and more customers. In other words, consistency is the key point here. This process convinces them to come back the next time they need a similar service, so they become more successful.

In the end, the critical question is, “how can a CRM system help your company stay consistent”? The answer again is “Automation.” For example, you can set your website in a way that every time a customer fills out a form online, they will instantly be sent a thank-you email. Or if they have made a complaint, they will receive a text message as soon as their ticket has been picked up. These consistencies make your customer know your way of work, and they actually wait for such interactions to happen. If not, they would know something has gone wrong, or you have not got their email. So, they could reach out to you in a different way.