Benefits of Using a CRM Live Chat

Benefits of Using a CRM Live Chat

What happens if your clients or customers have an inquiry that they cannot find the answer for in the FAQ section or the products information page? How should they contact your company? They could use the phone, but is that really the most convenient way of getting in touch? How about email? Well, that might take a long time for the company to reply.

In this case, the best way of keeping in touch with the company is ‘live chat.’ Using a CRM for your business will give you the option of having a live chat on your website or the app you have developed for your company. Either way, it is an efficient way of staying in touch with your customers to increase their level of satisfaction.

In this article, we will point out some of the most important benefits of having a live chat for your business.


It can change your website visitors to leads

Studies show that customers’ interaction with the live chat option on websites has almost doubled in the past couple of years. This means that people actually choose the live chat option over other means of communication most of the time.

As live chat is a faster way of getting answers than phone or email, potential customers often ask more questions to get as much information as possible in a very short amount of time. This way, they can make a better decision. Also, the sales agent or the customer service team member on the other end of the chat can promote the products or services of the company in a more personalized way as they already know what the website visitor is looking for.

Now, let’s look at some statistical proof that live chat plays a key role in generating more leads for your business.

  • Almost half of the customers claim that the best offer a website can have for its visitors while shopping online is to answer their questions by a live person.
  • Almost half of the live chat that occurs on a website ends in a successful sale.
  • A considerable proportion of the customers say that they decided to buy something on the spot because of the live chat.
  • More than half of the customers that have a positive experience with the live chat are likely to return to your business for a second purchase later.


Why is a CRM live chat different?

At this point, you might ask the same old question that any other person who is not familiar with how CRM systems work may have in mind: “How is a live chat from a CRM different from a chat option on social media?” A company can easily set up a Facebook or Instagram page and promote their products there, as well as using the chat on these websites to provide customer support.

Well, it is understandable why someone might have such a question in mind. These social media are free and way easier to set up. Why should anyone bother themselves to have a CRM for their live chat? But have you ever taught why these websites are free to use?



The information you obtain from your customers on these websites or any other information that you expose might be later used in advertising or might be sold to other marketing agencies. In fact, by setting up an account on these social media, you agree to their privacy policies and terms and conditions. That is how these companies make the big bucks and remain free for the users. Whereas, any data you have from your customers on your own live chat sessions from the CRM system is only yours and cannot be used for any other purpose unless your company agrees to it. That is why both organizations and clients feel safer sending their private information over the chat on the company’s website rather than social media.


Extra Features

  1. Plus, a CRM live chat has other features and tools that the chat from social media can never have or benefit your company. For example in the live chat session, you have from a CRM system, the agent can see the customer’s message as they are typing before actually sending it. This gives the agent an upper hand to prepare a well-thought answer as they already know what the question is before “seeing” it.
  2. The other benefit of a chat from a CRM is that it can be integrated with the reporting programs on your systems. This way, as a manager, you can have weekly or monthly reports scheduled to see how well or badly your team has responded to live chat sessions and what percentage of these interactions have led to successful sales.
  3. The third feature of a CRM live chat that beats the chats from any social media any day is the option of using bots. Bots are always active, and you do not have to have an agent assigned to a chat session if the matter can be resolved with a few automated responses.

Using bots is excellent in two different situations. The first one is during non-working hours. When no real person is actually working, but your company’s website is still up and running, and you might have visitors who may have inquiries. You can easily set your bots to take care of the matter, and if they fail to do so, they can have automated responses that promise the customer to be contacted within 12 hours, when everybody goes back to work.

The second scenario is when all your agents are busy and the client has to wait for someone to be free and answer their questions. Well, guess what? If you use bots, you do not have to keep your clients or potential leads waiting. They can easily engage in a conversation with a bot, without even knowing, until an agent is free and tends to the customer.