The Best CRM Designed for Forex in 2021

ClickaCRM presents the best CRM for Forex brokerage in 2021

The Forex market is now one of the biggest and most popular places in the world for people to invest and make a good profit. This popularity has created very fierce competition among various companies and organizations that work in this industry. Businesses such as trading platforms, online brokerages, and even educational or regulatory bodies are all examples of companies that work in this huge industry.

The high demand in the Forex market has also led to it becoming much more volatile than it used to be. Therefore, customers are far more difficult to please. If a client is not satisfied with the services from one brokerage, there are literally thousands of other options for them where they can receive a better, and at times cheaper, version of the same service. As a result, companies do go to any extreme possible and are willing to take any necessary measures in order to keeps their customers happy.

One of the best and easiest ways of doing so is to implement a CRM system for your Forex business. By this definition, every business needs a CRM, but buying just any CRM is not going to benefit your company as much as it should. You need a CRM that is specially designed for a Forex company. There are various reasons why you need to get a Forex CRM rather than just a free one, or any CRM Google suggests; in this article, we will look at them in more detail.


What CRM is and Why You Need It

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a piece of business software that helps sales and marketing teams manage their customer communications, focus on the most valuable opportunities, and provide the best customer experience throughout the entire buying process. So, what does a CRM actually do? With a modern CRM platform, for starters, you can consolidate all of your data in one central location. A CRM enables you to keep your customers’ contacts, communication history, and purchase history in one place. This way, anyone at your company can access any information they need from one platform. Of course, the access level can be customized for different users. So, if you have some confidential data that you feel not everyone at your organization should be able to see, do not worry. You can restrict public access to any specific location. We suggest you read ways to secure your data with CRM.

Secondly, with a CRM system, you can sell more in less time. A CRM system can help you automate most of your repetitive admin tasks. This will allow your team to spend less time on manual data entry and more time on following leads and trying to close deals.

With CRM software, you can also build a standardized sales process. This means that your sales representatives will be able to see what exactly they need to do at each stage in order to keep their deals moving forward. This also shortens your sales cycle considerably and improves your sales.

Thirdly, A CRM system helps you stay focused on your customers. By having access to information on customer interest and behavior, selling becomes a more personalized experience. Sales reps can anticipate their customers’ needs before they actually reach out to them. Also, they will be able to quickly bring in their support and marketing teams to get buyers the right information at the right time.

Companies, businesses, and brokerages often begin their CRM research when their customer communication starts to get messy. By that time, they most probably have already lost a lot of sales opportunities due to this disorganization. The best thing to do is to implement a CRM system for your company as soon as you have a sales team in place.


CRM for Forex

With millions of players in the Forex market, working and becoming successful in this business nowadays takes a lot of hard work and devotion. Having an efficient and practical CRM system is the best kind of investment any Forex brokerage can make for their business. In today’s world, your CRM system plays a major part in determining the success or failure of your company.

The Forex trading market runs specifically on the analysis of data. Now, data is changeable in almost all situations. However, in this market, in particular, the data from every individual is prone to a lot of alterations at various times, mostly due to the volatile nature of the Forex market. Therefore, working or doing business in this market calls for a more meticulous kind of CRM.

A Forex CRM system is different from other kinds of CRMs because it has a better understanding of how the Forex market works, what Forex trading platforms do, and what happens if there are more than a few partners involved in the process. This kind of CRM suits the needs of the broker the best. Plus, it enables the user to integrate the CRM with the other tools they use for their Forex business.


Why Your Forex Business Needs a CRM

As mentioned earlier, the Forex market is very competitive, but that is not the only characteristic of it. It is also more complicated than other online businesses, and understanding it takes quite some time. Tracking changes and analyzing data is the key to the success of any company that is trying to make it in this market. That is why your company needs a CRM for Forex. If you get a CRM for Forex, it will analyze the data on its own, and it does it much better and faster than humans do manually because it understands the patterns of the Forex market and is able to work its way out of the fluctuations and changes.

A CRM for Forex eases your job as an online brokerage as it will automate a lot of manual work for your company. It can keep track of your clients’ activity, record all their trading history in one place, and decode their trading habits for you in a matter of seconds. By pushing a button, you will instantly know what kinds of asset or stock each client likes to buy and sell more than the others when they tend to trade, and even how often they do that. This detailed analysis will allow your sales team to customize their services much better than before and to make more sales because this way, the product will appeal to the client much more as you have already offered them what you anticipate would improve the user experience.


Speed Up and Improve the Sales Process

So, we all know that it is a CRM system’s job to automate tasks for us so that we could save time by not doing them. But, how does it exactly work in the Forex market? Well, what you need to know about CRMs, and especially the advanced ones that are used as Forex CRMs, are sort of artificial intelligence. The point of artificial intelligence is that it knows what to do and when to do it; hence the idea of a man operating the machine becomes obsolete. It is the same story with a Forex CRM with all its advanced features for brokers.

Let us make an example so that it is more tangible for you. Imagine a trader who has some special trading habits. For example, every time a currency drops in value, they sell that if they have any. And vice versa, every time a currency or commodity starts to go up in value, they buy more of that. You, as a brokerage, if you want to be successful in sales, need to know this trader’s particular habit. This way, you can be present at the right time. If you know when they are looking for a specific item, you can make a good offer, and the trader will take it; everybody’s happy.

But, how will you know all these trading habits if you have a hundred or more customers trading on your platform? You keep track of them, of course. You tell your sales team to take notes of these behavior patterns and then get back to them when it is the right time. Easy, huh? Not really. The job is so laborious that in the best-case scenario, your sales agents can manage to set up reminders for some of your customers’ general behavior. Plus, these habits are prone to change from time to time, depending on the financial situation of the clients and also the conditions of the market. Now, you need another team to keep track of these changes.

No, you do not. What you need is a CRM for Forex.

The CRM system is so smart that not only will it keep a record of your customer’s behavior and habit to collect sufficient data for you, but it will also alarm you when it is the right time to contact a trader because the CRM system knows that this particular trader wants to buy or sell this specific currency now. So, this way, your sales agents will not have to spend a lot of time setting up reminders for who to contact and when. Everything is done much more quickly, and as a result, you make more sales because you are present for the customer at the right time.


Centralization of Customer Information

One of the most important and useful features of any good CRM is that it keeps all the data you need to do your job more efficiently in one place so that everyone can access it at any time from anywhere. But, how is this different when it comes to a Forex CRM?

It is very annoying when, as a customer, you receive two or more phone calls a day about the same offer. And, how do you think the sales agent feels when they hear that the customer has already turned down the offer from another agent today? And it tends to happen a lot in companies that do not use a CRM.

Sales agents need to communicate well within a company. But, the thing is that even if they do their best to do so when they are not using a CRM for their business, they still have to email each other back and forth to brief other agents on who they have talked to and what they heard in response. While, when there is a CRM system in place, each agent fills in the relevant information after following up on each client. This way, the next agent, only by looking at, maximum, two fields on the system, realizes that whether this customer is interested in any offers or not, at least for now. So, your employees, agents, or brokers can spend their precious time efficiently, helping you improve your internal communication.


Follow Up on Customers

The reminders that a Forex CRM sends are most probably the best feature for sales agents. Based on the data it collects from your customers’ trading habits, their assets, the time they spend looking at each commodity, and so on, the CRM system knows when it is time to follow up on each customer. So, the job has been made much easier for sales agents if their company uses a CRM for Forex.

The best part of having a CRM for Forex for a sales agent is that, in most cases, they do not even have to make a to-do list for their days. The CRM system prioritizes the customers that are most likely for the agent to close a deal with and recommends them to be contacted first, and the list goes on. So, as soon as the sales agent turns on the computer in the morning, they will know what to do first. This might be the most important feature of a good call center CRM.

The next best thing is knowing what to say. Thanks to the information the CRM system gives you on each client, you know what exactly they are looking for and how much they are willing to pay. For example, if you are a sales agent and you are contacting a customer, by looking at their profile on your Forex CRM, you know that this customer always looks for buying something around the same time each month because that is the day after which they are paid. So, you can customize your offer in your email or a phone call accordingly in order to sell the best deal possible.


Improve Company's Departments Cooperation

When it comes to communication and cooperation between different departments within a company, a Forex CRM is much more than just a few fields on a sheet.

When there is a CRM for Forex in place for a business, everyone who has access to that platform can chat with whoever they want within the company. The best advantage of this feature shows itself in the communication between the sales and customer service departments and the marketing department. It is always the customer service and the sales department who know what the client wants or is looking for because they are the ones who are the first contact with the customers. The customer service team members are the first ones who will realize which product is the most popular and which one is the least because they are the ones that receive complaints the first.

The same is correct for the sales team. In a short time, they will be able to tell whether the customers are interested in a particular service or not. And if they are, when or which time of the year they are most likely to buy that.

Communicating this information with the marketing team is crucial to the success of the business. It is the only way the marketing team will know when to promote which service and how. In the Forex market, this interaction is even more essential because changes in the market happen rapidly, and if the marketing team cannot keep track of these changes and how the customers tend to react to these changes, they will not be able to come up with solid marketing strategies. This is why it is important for the marketing team to know your clients and contacts thoroughly.

Imagine you run an online brokerage company, and your clients tend to sell their commodities as soon as the prices start to fluctuate more than a certain threshold. The only way the marketing team can know this is from the data that the customer service team and the sales team have left under each client's profile in the CRM.


Integration with Other Tools

If you are paying for a CRM, most definitely the first feature you should look for in a CRM is its ability to be integrated with other platforms or tools you are currently using or will be using for your business because if it does not have this ability, you are basically wasting your money.

A good CRM can effortlessly be integrated with emailing tools. Whether you are sending promotions or offers, sharing data with your internal team, or answering prospect questions, if your CRM system is integrated with your Gmail or Outlook, it makes the job of your sales, marketing, and customer service team much easier. This way, the CRM can capture contacts and their information from your emails on itself, so your team does not need to import contacts manually. It can also be automated to send regular emails to your clients or potential customers. A good CRM for Forex can also be integrated with your calendars to send your agents reminders to make calls, attend conferences or meetings, or follow up on clients.

Another important advantage is the integration your CRM system can make with your company's social media accounts. If you integrate your CRM with your company’s Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, your agents will be able to follow what people are saying about you in the virtual world so that they can plan their marketing and sales strategies based on the clients’ needs. Plus, this way, you will enable your agents to post any content or video on all of these social media at once without going to each of them one after another to upload those contents. So much time is saved, and your agents can do much more in a day with some simple integration.

Moreover, a good CRM for Forex can be integrated with your call center software. If you are using Zoom, Google Meet, or Uber Conference to get in touch with your clients or other companies online, the integration with your CRM system can enable schedule meetings for you by itself. Plus, all details and contact information will be logged in your CRM for future reference and visibility.

However, all these can be done with most CRM systems for any business; why Forex integration matters are our point here. For brokers or those companies that work in the online trading market, Forex integration with CRM is a huge win, and a big part of it is because of trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5. The Integration of your CRM system with these trading platforms enriches your customers’ profile and gives your team full access to the customer’s trading information, such as their balances and transactions. This will allow your team to understand your clients’ trading habits better and, as a result, customize their services for them accordingly.


Leads Classification

Using a lead classification system is essential for aligning your sales and marketing strategies and is the foundation of any sales or marketing process. This is especially true for B2B companies with lead generation programs. But, what is leads classification, and why is it crucial for your business?

Leads classification, in simple words, is deciding who to contact first based on your company’s priorities. The benefit of having a good CRM is that it does this classification for you. Your agents do not need to go over all your leads at the end of each day and decide who they want to contact first the day after.

The CRM system analyzes all the relevant criteria that are of value to your company and compares them to the information it has from your clients. Then, it decides which customer has the most chance of accepting your current offer and suggests that person to you to be contacted first. The process of classifying leads is basically the same in the Forex market, too; however, the criteria are a little different, and that is what makes it significant.

For that matter, the Forex market, or any other online trading market, is volatile and tends to change a lot. Customers or traders, as a result, change their trading habits and interests according to the changes in the market. For example, someone interested in selling their commodities a few weeks ago might not be open to any offers now due to the fluctuations in prices.

The importance of having a specifically designed Forex CRM for a brokerage is here. If you have a CRM for Forex, and not any other CRM, for your business, it understands the Forex market and can analyze these changes. Then, based on your clients’ habits and previous behavior, develops a pattern for each user. This way, based on the changes in the market, it can decide which client at the moment might be interested in your offers and which ones do not wish to be contacted now. If your agents know this, they will not waste their time contacting leads with a lower chance of closing a deal.


Incoming Data Analysis

If you have run any business, you should probably know that data analysis is a key factor determining your company's success. Understanding what went well and what went wrong, which products are selling and which are not, what types of services are popular and which are not, can help you plan your next move in a way that you provide the best of your name for the customer, as well as making the most profit possible.

A CRM system can do this job for you. What a CRM does is that it collects data from different sources, including your social media and your interactions with the clients, in order to analyze which of your marketing strategies are doing well and which of your campaigns are not really working as efficiently as you have expected.

With regular automated reports, your CRM can notify you of the result of this analysis so that you can continue what you have been doing well and stop what has not been to your advantage.


Reduce the Cost of Operations

A good CRM system organizes your work by putting all your customers’ data and information in order, which helps you serve your customers more efficiently. This way, tasks are not repeated, and fewer people will do more work. Therefore, you will need to hire fewer staff members for the work that has to be taken care of in your company.

Plus, we already know that a CRM system can help you keep an eye on your customers and track their purchase history. Your CRM system would also tell you about the highest selling products. When you know what is selling well and what is not, you can rethink your marketing strategies and invest in producing items that are more popular among your customers and not on products that will only add to your inventory. This is how a CRM system is maximized, enabling you to reduce your organization's production costs and increase your profit margins.


Offering Customers Support

A CRM system plays a significant role in the job of client service representatives who also act effectively in the sales process at times. A comprehensive CRM system will provide your team with a list of marketing materials received by their clients. This can help your representatives understand what your consumers are interested in and what they know about your services already.

A Forex CRM plays even a larger role for the customer support section of your business. Let’s say your representative is on the phone with one of your clients, and they need help with funding their account, or they are requesting a withdrawal. How does your team member know what kind of account that customer is using? Do they know this particular clients’ deposit and withdrawal limits? If they do not have this information, they have to keep asking the client multiple questions on the phone, and it can get really frustrating for your clients. What if this representative can’t help this customer? They would have to hang up and ask one of their colleagues to call that customer back. Then, the new representative would have to go over all the same questions again.

A CRM for Forex solves this problem. As soon as any client contacts the company, your representative will have all their information, including their account type, what currency they are using, their balance, their preferred commodity, and so on. Thanks to a Forex CRM, supporting a customer will go much smoother.

Additionally, a CRM can improve information transfer between remote sales staff and in-house customer service representatives. So, even if one representative can’t help the client, the next one who is contacting them already has access to all the necessary information.


CRM Trader’s Room

A website-based portal significantly designed for you and your traders is called The Traders’ Room. After signing up and logging into your accounts in a completely and utterly secure way, you and your clients will have total access to thousands of features of these rooms—anything from registering new accounts to system management and so many more with just a few clicks away. The best way to explain the whole process is by using it and experiencing it first-hand.

The term “Traders’ Room” equates to other names such as Forex Client Portal, Middle Office, Trades Portal, and Client Area. At ClickaCRM, we prefer to go with the term “Traders’ Room.”

All these features do not just apply to you. Your clients and traders also will be able to have access to their accounts and easily manage everything they need to, such as checking their balance, depositing funds, withdrawal requests, security measures such as changing and setting new passwords, and so many more.

CRM systems for brokers allow them to support their agents and attend to the needs of their clients. Forex CRM Traders’ Room enables professionals with a deep understanding of what their clients desire and how to manage them with commitment.

A few of the most important features of this CRM system are an online wallet, payment portal, mobile application, online notifications, multi-lingual platform, and online support.


What is the Trader's Room and its importance in Forex CRM?

The Traders’ Room is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that brings together potential customers and enables them to use different functions with a Forex Brokerage business.

Everything from traders, brokers, feeds, technology, tools, payments to IB & Affiliates, support, reports and analytics, and so many others come together in the Traders’ Room. This CRM system and the Traders’ Room has been developed and come together after getting feedback from traders, brokers, and clients.

With the help of the Traders’ Room CRM system for Forex CRM, you can create your own Forex trading platform and offer other traders and clients an excellent experience while growing your small business and earning well. You will be able to create these rooms for other brokers in CRM systems where they can interact with each other and enjoy a flawless experience.


ClickaCRM Multifunctional Trader's Room

Choosing a proper CRM system for Forex is extremely important. Not only is the CRM system a place where all your trades' data is stored together, but also it becomes easier to do broking with a multifunctional CRM system. Having a multifunctional CRM system can create bridges between you, your clients, and your brokers.


Communication: Managing your team more smoothly and properly is the key factor in choosing a CRM system. You can identify your team's potential and reach out to more Forex brokers. CRM system acts as a bridge between you, your brokers, and your clients.

Technology reliance: Traders need means of communication to keep track of what they are doing and have control over their business, and what a better way to do it than with technology? Platforms such as MT4 and MT5 offer traders the chance to advance their Forex trading internationally. Also, traders will be able to access their dashboards at any time on the CRM system to analyze and evaluate their trading activities.

Security matters: When foreign money and international trading comes to the table, Forex trading comes along too. This means security needs to be kept in mind and paid attention to even more than ever. You need to keep your CRM system and platform safe from any information leak and hacking so that you can earn your traders’ and brokers’ trust.

It’s all about support: Having a good CRM system is not enough. You always need to update your platform, provide support for your clients and your brokers, and advertising in order to stay ahead of your competitors. While managing your business, you will also learn in a good CRM system that it’s important to remove or add different functionalities and features.

Money, money, money: Any kind of transaction and transferring or business, for that matter, involves money. The key factor in any trading is money. All traders, brokers, and business owners earn from the liquidity of Forex exchanges. To get the well and hard-earned money from your Forex exchanges, you will need a safe, reliable, and accurate CRM system for your electronic payments. All that is needed is for you to integrate a payment method with your trading platform, and voila! You get what you have been looking for.

What’s new?  Getting up-to-date information and news on the prices and trades as well as other currencies AND Forex news is something every broker and trader needs. All and more can be achievable with a great CRM system.

Speak your mind: The language barrier can be a huge problem when communicating. Whether a broker, a trader, a client, or everyone must be able to make their points clear and voice their thoughts and ideas the way they want to. A good CRM system with a multi-lingual platform from any part of the world can trade without any sort of miscommunication or misunderstanding when the platform offers multiple languages. Hence, the language barrier is not a problem of any kind.


Account Management in Forex CRM

We all have heard of account management before in other contexts like social media. It is used when basically somebody else manages your accounts for you. What do they do exactly? Well, everything. They post photos or videos, interact with people on your page, reply to comments, and so on. Simply put, everything that a user can do or wants to do with their account but can’t due to lack of time or even interest.

So, how does account management apply to the Forex market?

Account management in the Forex market is for people who have the money and enough motivation to invest their money into this business, but cannot do it properly because they are not experienced enough, do not have proper and relevant knowledge or training, or do not have enough time for everything that is necessary, including analyzing charts, signals, and so on. Therefore, they ask a professional to do the trading for them. So, they set up an account, just like any other account on any other platform, and the experienced trader manages the account for them.

This brings us to the next question.

How is this beneficial, or why do you need account management for Forex?

Well, the point that everybody needs to accept about the Forex market is that it is an intricate business to do. There are too many subtleties that you need to be aware of as a trader, or even as a broker, in order to be able to do a good business. Otherwise, you are prone to take a huge loss. Plus, it is not something you can just learn overnight. It takes a lot of education, training, and hard work to master the craft. Traders with years of experience still spend long hours analyzing the market before making a move. And it is very probable that the person who is just about to enter the market and start doing the business might not have time for all of this. In addition to all of these, the market itself is very changeable and unpredictable.

However, you can choose who to trust when it comes to managing your account. The account manager is usually a professional with loads of experience in the market, understands the risks of the job, and can be approved of by a reputable broker. Only then can you ask someone to manage your account for you with peace of mind.


How to use your CRM properly

So far, we have talked about why it is important to have a CRM for your business. But, how can you really get the best out of your CRM system to be able to run your organization as smoothly and efficiently as possible? We have a few suggestions for you.

  1. Issue regular reports.

The diagnostic tools that are built into most good CRM systems are great, so you might as well use them in the best way you can. Especially if you have an online brokerage company or you work in the Forex industry, you can benefit a lot from these tools. Regular automated reports from your CRM can show you what has been working well in your business and what needs changing. For example, you can see what percentage of your leads turn into closed deals every month or week. This way, you realize which of your marketing strategies work best on your potential clients and which don’t. As a result, you can keep doing what you have been doing well, and you can stop, think, and try to re-strategize what you have not been doing well.

  1. Secure Your Data

Anyone who has worked with a CRM, or specifically Forex CRM, must already know how important it is for every business to secure their data. This should be done not only to your company data but also to your customers’ data. Breaches to databases are a common thing for such businesses, and no matter how secure you make your platform, there is always a tiny chance that it will be breached. So, in order to avoid any further trouble for your company and your clients, make sure you take regular backups from your Forex CRM in a secure location.


Add Your Sales

If you have a good Forex CRM, it will allow you to add sales easily. The first step is to identify where your leads come from. If most of your clients tend to reach out to you through your website, make sure you include this in your registration forms and ask them how they heard about you. This could be from an email, referred from a former or existing client, Google ads, etc. If a lead contacts a broker directly, the broker can ask them the same question and store the information.

Naturally, your Forex CRM should have a feature or place where this information can be automatically imported and then stored. If it does, you know you are using a good type of CRM for your Forex business. This is important because if you know where most of your leads come from, you will be able to focus your budget on the most effective marketing channels.

The next step is to use your CRM and separate the leads from the ones that actually become your client. In other words, you sift them and narrow them down to the ones who have been converted from being just a lead into a customer. Only this way can you direct your marketing efforts towards the most efficient channel and, as a result, increase your ROI.


Customize Your CRM

You can customize your CRM in many different ways in order to get the best out of it and make it the most effective for the needs of your company. We will look at a couple of them here:

  1. Your CRM dashboard and your view: We all know that a CRM gives a 360-degree view over everything related to the business and the client. However, this view can be customized, and you can choose what to see and what not to see. Based on your team’s tasks and needs, you can set up which tools to pop up on their CRM after they launch the program. This way, you save a lot of time for your team as they won’t need to look for different tools, especially the ones they will need on a daily basis. This is also customizable from one user to the other.
  2. Customize access for each user: If there is any confidential data on your CRM database, including reports, leads, customers’ information, etc., and you don’t wish a certain group of your team to be able to see them, you can limit their access to those files from your CRM. You can always change these access limits if you change your mind in the future.

There are a few more ways and tools that you can customize on your CRM as well as these, but we will get to them in the following sections.


Import your information (leads, contacts, companies, etc.)

If you have a good Forex CRM, it can easily and automatically have access your contacts from your email addresses and import them into your CRM database. It could also do the same thing from your social media accounts.

Now, you have a huge list of contacts to reach out to, but you do not know which ones have the higher potential of becoming a lead or even a client. With a powerful Forex CRM, you do not need to worry about that either. Using its advanced built-in tools and algorithms, the CRM system can analyze people’s interests and track their purchase history based on their activities in the virtual world.

After conducting thorough research on your contacts’ activities and interests, the CRM then creates a list of leads for you, from the highest chance of being interested in your products or services to the lowest. This way, you know who or which company is worth your time and effort in order to promote yourself to them.

Also, a CRM for Forex must have the ability to rank those leads and classify them regarding their interests so that you can send customized emails to each of those groups.


Integrate and Customize Other CRM Tools

If your business is anything related to online trading, Forex, or cryptocurrency, the chances are high that you use MetaTrader 4 or 5 as your trading platform. If so, you have a great advantage because you can easily link your website services to your trading platform using an integration kit from your Forex CRM. This kit will reach the data on your MT4/5 server and can transfer information directly to your CRM system. It can also act as a manager for your MT4 or 5 on any device.

Brokers can use this kit to have access to all the necessary information and support that they need. They can also customize their account, regardless of their location or status, to add to the efficiency of the platform.

The other amazing thing about this type of integration is that MT4 or 5 are both compatible with most programming languages. This means that you can even write codes or commands for your platform in order to automate operations.

Another great feature that the integration with MetaTrader platforms with your CRM will bring to your business is the Market Depth View for your clients. This means that your clients will be able to see the current market price as well as the depth of the market, i.e., the volumes that are available at the moment.


Set up and Optimize Your Dashboard

Why is it important to customize your view on your CRM? Well, the answer is creating a comfortable working place for yourself and make access to different things much easier. It is the primary purpose of any CRM to make the job of the user easier. By customizing your view on your CRM, you are, in fact, optimizing your dashboard, and as a result, you add to the efficiency of the CRM system because you will be able to do things faster and better.

In the case of a Forex CRM, it is absolutely crucial that you do so. For example, if you are a broker and you are using the Forex CRM to keep track of the activity of the traders, we know that some of the most important things you want to have in front of you are the spread (the difference between buys and sells), margins, and leverage. As a broker, you do not need to see the funnels and contact information, at least as the first things that pop up on your CRM dashboard when you run the program.

However, if you work with the marketing team, you could not care less about spread, margins, and leverage. You need to know your clients, their history, and their habits so that you can strategize your next move to make your services appeal to them.

So, optimize your dashboard and customize the view of your Forex CRM according to the position you have in the company in order to get the best out of it.


Analyze Reports

If you have purchased a CRM for Forex, you must keep in mind that one of the most important tools to work with is the reports. Set up your Forex CRM to issue regular reports for the performance of your team. You can easily automate this on any Forex CRM. As a manager or CEO, having regular reports is crucial for you as they help you understand what is going well at your organization and what needs fixing.

There are numerous kinds of reports that you can export from your CRM system. Let’s look at some of them briefly:

  • Sales Report: To track your sales using the sales metrics
  • Contacts Report: To give your sales rep a bird-eye view over the CRM database
  • Sales Funnel Report: To get an overview of all the deals in the sales pipeline
  • Revenue Report: To track revenue against targets as well as understanding where the revenue is coming from
  • Wins and Losses Report: For the Company to realize whether it is winning or losing in real-time
  • Profitability Reports: To assess profitability from customers so that the business can focus its marketing efforts more efficiently
  • Sales Forecasts: To plan effectively and deploy resources into the right place
  • Goal Progress Reports: To look at a key metric and analyze the performance of the business against that key metric


ClickaCRM Easy Integration

If you choose ClickaCRM as your provider for your Forex CRM, integrating your CRM system with other tools and platforms you use for your business will be easy and effortless. ClickaCRM covers all your business needs, leads scoring and predictions, marketing, customer management, finance, compliance, integration, and help desk.

ClickaCRM can seamlessly integrate with all third-party service providers, including VOIP, affiliates, payment providers, trading platforms, email, and SMS marketing. For example, if you already have a payment gateway for your business on your website, ClickaCRM will allow you to integrate your CRM system with that and track all the activities from one unified place.

ClickaCRM is a universal and multi-national organization that works with companies and brokerage from countries all over the world, including Ukraine, Kosovo, Albania, Cyprus, Israel, and Serbia. With ClickaCRM, you can enter the multi-asset brokerage world with an intricate system that supports Forex, CFDs, cryptos and has both fiat and Bitcoin gateways on your business.

Also, you must know that ClickaCRM uses MT5 for its trading operations. Being a multi-functional and advanced trading platform, MT5 has enormous auto-trading and analysis features that are not found in any other trading software.


ClickaCRM Customization

ClickaCRM’s real power lies with endless capabilities that enable you to customize your own platform without losing any of the advanced tools and features. It has a very user-friendly environment that is designed to fit a wide range of clients (from beginners to complete professionals), making ClickaCRM easy to use and absolutely friendly for any trader.

ClickaCRM has a fully responsive Trading Room, an intuitive Users’ Cabinet offering easy access to trading data, and one-click super-fast trade facilities. ClickaCRM’s Simple Trade feature facilitates traders’ actions in the perfect way that with only one click, they can make their trades.

Moreover, the ClickaCRM system is white labeled. This means that the platform is fully customizable, and you can have your brand on top of every tool. The platform is going to be all about your brand. This feature will enable you to have your logo and all your specific requirements in the system.


CRM Main Definitions

  • Accounts: An account is a company or a household in the case of B2C, with which your organization has business relations.
  • Closed Sale: A closed sale refers to a lead that has turned into a paying customer.
  • Contacts: Contacts are individuals associated with an account that your company has done or may do business with in the future.
  • Customer Experience (CX): This refers to the perception that a customer or a potential customer gets from your company after engaging or interacting with your organization.
  • Customer Journey: This refers to the entire lifecycle of an individual when contacting your business, from the first interaction and showing interest to purchase until making a purchase and post-sale services.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The term describes the way that a company fosters connections and relationships with potential and existing customers.
  • Lead: A lead is a company or an individual who has shown interest in buying your products or services and has the potential of becoming a sales opportunity.
  • Prospects: A prospect is a lead that has been approved by a marketing professional to be a good fit as a customer for the company.
  • Trader’s Room: This refers to a web-based portal significantly designed for you and your traders.


Forex business statistics before and after CRM integration

Statistics, reports, and top trends from Forex businesses that have integrated a Forex CRM with their business show that the performance of the company has enhanced considerably after the implementation of the CRM system. The number of leads that are generated by the CRM system for the Forex business is almost two times more than before the integration with the Forex CRM. 

Also, the reports from the sales team indicate that sales reps have a 40% higher chance of closing deals with customers if a CRM for Forex has been implemented. As a result, the revenue, profit, and overall income of the company are increased accordingly.

After integrating a CRM system with your Forex business, the whole company works more efficiently. The sales and marketing teams are in better collaboration with each other as they can communicate faster within the CRM platform. Managers also are more aware of what is going on in the company and can watch operations as they are run by the team.


What is Forex Trading Platform?

The foreign exchange market, or in short, the FX or Forex market, is a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies against one another. Because of the worldwide reach of trade, commerce, and finance, forex markets tend to be the largest and most liquid asset markets in the world.

A platform for doing this kind of business and exchanging currencies in this market is a web-based or cloud-based application where users can register, deposit some money, and start buying and selling their currency of preference. This exchanging or buying and selling in the Forex market is known as trading. So, in simple words, any software that allows clients from all over the world to sign up and buy and sell foreign currencies online is a Forex trading platform.

Now, there are various companies that compete against each other to develop the best Forex trading platform. Each of them has its own main benefits and disadvantages, but we will look into them with details later in the following sections.


Benefits of FX Trading Platform

So, why does a Forex trading business, which in the market we call a broker or brokerage, need to have a special platform for their clients to buy and sell foreign currencies? Can they not just use any website and develop some features for their customers so that they can do this trading? The answer is simple: They can, but they would rather not. There are so many benefits and advantages to using a platform specifically designed for Forex trading that it just makes the whole business and experience much more enjoyable and smoother for the users. Let us look at some of the most prominent perks of implementing a Forex trading platform for your business.

Forex is a 24-hour market five days a week (Monday to Friday). So, trading is pretty much an ongoing action as long as the market is open. Opportunities for buying and selling currencies in the Forex market can arise and disappear any second. So, if anyone has decided to pursue this market as a serious business, they need to stay aware of these constant changes and emerging opportunities in the market. They need to keep an eye on everything in order to be able to minimize the risks and make a good profit out of their trading. However, it is impossible for any human being to stay awake for five days a week (120 hours) staring at their monitor and just sleep for two days.

If you are using a platform that is particularly developed for this kind of trading, you can automate transactions or trades to be done without you having to be awake to click on a button. Therefore, you can make sure that no opportunities are missed, even while you are sleeping. Also, you can set up alerts or reminders in case anything changes in the market, and you need to be notified of that immediately—no matter where you are. You can choose to be notified via email or with an SMS on your phone.


Best FX Trading Platform for Brokers

There is more than one quality that determines whether a trading platform is a great one or not. However, the most important ones, in our opinion, are as follows:

  1. It needs to be easy to learn: Considering the fact that the forex market, or in general the world of online trading, is complicated, a beginner trader has to study a lot in order to learn even the basics. Of course, that is time-consuming, and it often ends in most traders giving up what they have started. Now, what a trader does not appreciate being added to this long and difficult journey is a complex trading platform that takes a considerable amount of time to understand and work with. ClickaCRM has tried its best to make the trading platform as easy as possible for its users. As a business owner or a brokerage, you need to think of various ways that make this journey more pleasant for your clients, and a simple trading platform is the first step towards that.
  1. It must be easy to work with: Now, let us assume that a trader has learned how to work with a trading platform, even a complicated one. Is the platform itself easy to use? Or is it full of features and tools that very few people can figure out how to utilize? If you are a broker and are looking for more traders to choose your platform as their primary platform to trade currencies, you need to give them a reason for picking you over other options. ClickaCRM has provided this reason for you to brag about for your potential clients. Remember, the easier the platform, the more people can use it, consequently, the more benefit for your business.
  1. It must be versatile: Simplicity does not negate versatility. A trading platform can be simple and easy to work with and be able to function in many different ways at the same time. In today’s world, that people live on their mobile phones and social media, a trading platform must have the option of being used on portable devices. ClickaCRM has solved this problem for brokers and traders. If you use ClickaCRM as your trading platform, your clients, i.e., your traders, will be able to trade from anywhere on this planet on the go, regardless of their location and the device they are using.


ClickaWebtrader - Innovative Forex Trading Platform

ClickaCRM is an innovative company specialized in versatile brokerage solutions with a special focus on the Forex trading platform. They understand what is important to their clients and offer the best technology solutions matching their needs. Experts in online sales, marketing, and call center management have designed the tailormade setup for your brokerage business. Over the years and with experience, ClickaCRM has developed a familiarity with what makes a Forex brokerage great. ClickaCRM brings a combination of integrated tools, sales-oriented design, and business intelligence, to maximize the true sales potential of your operations.

ClickaCRM has created a complete, multi-asset trading platform for brokerage companies. The user-friendly, web-based platform is empowered with almost unlimited capabilities. These features enable any broker to customize their own platform without losing the advanced tools and features. We can say with absolute certainty and confidence that ClickaWebTrader is one of the most powerful trading platforms available in the market right now.

ClickaWebTrader is designed to fit a wide range of clients (from beginners to Pros), making ClickaWebTrader easy to use and absolutely friendly. This platform benefits from fully responsive web Trading Rooms. Plus, by using ClickaWebTrader and the User Cabinet feature, you will have easy access to your clients’ Financial and Trading information. Having ClickaWebTrader installed on your server provides a One-click, Simple trade feature for your clients. You can also have assets by Category grouping with intuitive names.


MT4/MT5 White Label Solution

MetaTrader 4 and 5, which in short are often referred to as MT4 and MT5 respectively, are the best choices for the modern trader to use for their daily tradings as a trading platform. Being a multi-functional Trading platform, MT5 has an enormous Auto-trading and analysis feature that is not found in any Trading software. All brokers, fund managers, and traders who used to have any other platform for their business have either changed to MT5 or are now looking for it.

But, there is probably one reason that has made MT4 and MT5 so popular among business owners, and that reason is that they are white label. This means that not only are these two platforms completely customizable but also can be fully edited to suit the needs of your company. For example, both of these platforms can be used with your companies logo in all their tools and features.


MT4/MT5 Easy Integration with ClickaCRM

If you run a business that is related to exchange and currency trading online, you most probably have chosen either MT4 or MT5 as your trading platform because, as mentioned above, these two are the best available options on the market now.

In this case, your best option for a CRM is ClickaCRM for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that integrating your CRM with your exchange platform would be effortless. ClickaCRM can easily be integrated with MT4 or MT5 and capture all the necessary data and information from these trading platforms and import them to your CRM system automatically. This data will be crucial for your team to use in marketing campaigns, issuing regular performance reports, and strategizing your approach towards different clients.


Why Start Your Brokerage Company with ClickaWebTrader?

ClickaCRM uses a Ready, Set, Go approach for their business. This means that you, as the client, do not need to worry about anything when you purchase your software from ClickaCRM. The top industry account and technical team that is employed by ClickaCRM are ready to set everything up and get you up and running. The best legal, banking, payments, and marketing frameworks are put to work at ClickaCRM to boost your brokerage business.

ClickaCRM offers a Call Center ultimate CRM solution covering all your business needs. Using ClickaCRM, you can easily generate leads from various sources and manage your customers. Different Affiliates and marketing tools offered by ClickaCRM and can benefit your team a lot and make a big difference in your performance as a brokerage in the Forex market. Such a CRM system can help you optimize your operational expenses and increase your profits by working with All-In-One CRM solutions.

Thanks to ClickaCRM, you can set up your fintech company with the most reliable and cost-efficient tools. ClickaCRM uses cutting-edge technology that will push your company to new heights. You will be able to enter the multi-asset brokerage world with an intricate system that supports Forex, CFD, CRYPTO assets, and crypto payment getaways that accept fiat and bitcoins to your business.


Custom-made Forex CRM Solution

With ClickaCRM, you can customize your trading platform for yourself, as a broker, and for your traders as much as possible.

For example, you can determine how much leverage your traders can have based on many different factors: their deposit, their trading history, the length of time they have been trading with you, and so on. This can be categorized and automated so that any client that matches the criteria you have inserted in your CRM will become eligible for the leverage. This way, you will not have to approve the leverage for each client individually.

Also, in order to attract more clients or traders to your company, you could automate bonus points for them. For instance, you could give them one free withdrawal or one free trade if they invite one of their friends. Again, this is absolutely customizable and depends on your company’s policies. At the end of the day, you are the boss, and you choose how to promote your brand. ClickaCRM is capable of doing whatever you decide.

ClickaCRM’s white label solution is another advantage here. As mentioned earlier, you can replace your brand logo in all parts of the system and use it as if you have developed this platform for your company from scratch.

Another benefit of custom-made Forex CRM is that you can have integration with any other platform. It could be an emailing website or a messaging app like WhatsApp or WeChat. Whatever you have been using for your communications before ClickaCRM can be integrated with this white label solution.