Best CRM Features for Online Brokers in 2021

Best CRM Features for Online Brokers in 2021

Online trading and exchange have been very popular over the past decade. But, the current situation in the world with people sitting at home most of the time has driven people towards a new level of interest in online investments. While cryptocurrencies are on top of the list of in-demand commodities, other stocks and indices have increased in value due to higher demand in the past year as well.

This phenomenon has created a great opportunity for those who wish to launch their own business online, a platform where people can buy and sell all sorts of commodities, and the business owner benefits from commissions, providing consultation, selling educational packages, and so on.

But, if that is what you have decided to do, how do you compete with all the other giants in this market? How do you attract clients to your business? What does it take to convince people to invest their money with you and not other companies?

The answer is simple: high-quality services and good customer experience. Most of the time, achieving such things sounds more complicated than it should, but in reality, it is not that difficult to manage to do so.

In order to succeed in attracting customers to your business and make them come back for more, you need good Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A good CRM system can help your business in many different ways, but in this article, we will be looking at how it can help you succeed if you have decided to become an online broker or set up an online trading platform.


Capturing Inquiries

Imagine people reach out to you through your social media, website, Facebook page, or anything else to ask some questions regarding your business and how things work. Using a CRM system, you can easily turn these people into prospects. The CRM system can be automated to upload any contacts as leads from all your channels. It could also be programmed to give you updates on each step of the process, whether those leads will end up registering on your website or not.

Now, why is this beneficial for you as the business owner? First and foremost, automation in work always means less manual labor. This means that you need fewer employees to put all this information into your system by hand. Think about how many staff members you would need for this type of task if you did not have a CRM. And of course, you would have to pay them. So, that is an extra cost for the company, which you are now able to avoid thanks to CRM technology.

Plus, it is more time-saving, as everything will be done by computers and your team will not have to “waste” a minute on dealing with inquiries or taking advantage of them.


Customizable Application Forms

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the key to a successful business is having happy customers. This could be a great example of creating such an experience for your clients.

We all know and agree that filling out forms, of any sort or for any purpose, is a tedious thing to do. Now, if you are a broker or you have launched some kind of online exchange, you definitely want people to register on your website and provide some personal information before actually being able to buy and sell commodities using your platform.

If so, a system like ClickaCRM has a number of ready-made application forms that you can integrate with your website and use. In case you do not like the form or feel that it does not suit you and customers’ needs, there is also the possibility of changing and tailoring everything to make the form as user-friendly as possible.

Moreover, most CRM systems have the ability to save the applications after each stage, so that if someone does not manage to finish the application form at once, they can come back and continue the application later. This is absolutely crucial because online users tend to be more impatient than before. So, if your application form takes more than a few minutes to complete, you might want to make sure that you enable this feature for your clients. Otherwise, people would get bored and just give up on finishing the application.


Avoiding Drop-offs

Continuing the subject of application forms, a CRM system could also be automated to send your call center agents a message or an alert when or if someone stops completing an application form, or in other words, drops off. For example, if your application form is 3 pages in total, and they give up on the second page, the agent will be informed. This way, the agent can contact the potential client and help them finish the application and register on your website. Thus, you increase the application completion rates and reduce the drop-offs.

Also, with a CRM, you can have reported on the details of your application process. For example, at which stage do people tend to drop off, or what the completion rates are. This will help you identify any faulty steps of your application so that you can take corrective measures if necessary.


Applying Capping Logic

Another way of ensuring the best quality of services for your clients is that you make sure your agents spend enough time with each customer and answer their questions patiently. Simply, you do not want your agents to be rushing from one client to the next. The only way of doing so is to not over-work your staff.

A CRM system allows you to use a capping for your agents. It means that you can limit the number of leads that are assigned to your agents daily. So, if you feel that 10 is the maximum number of clients that an agent at your company must be dealing with every day, you can set the cap on 10.

This is to make sure that your agents are not rushed to answer a certain number of clients. Also, since your agents will have enough time for each client, the level of your customer happiness will increase.