ClickaCRM Services Overview

ClickaCRM Services Overview

clicka services are a perfect solution for businesses that run forex brokerages. Or, let’s say you are a successful Introducing Broker so why don’t you consider starting your own FX brokerage business?

For someone who is looking for the optimal Forex White Label provider, you are in the right place. We come with an effective technological infrastructure to reduce your initial as well as subsequent costs. Whether you want to choose Forex, CFDs, or Crypto for your own brokerage business, we offer a Full Brokerage Suit that would be the best choice for you.


Full Brokerage Suit and Why You Should Stick to It?

Our full brokerage solution is about the opportunity to operate under your own brand. Additionally, you have access to MT5, a cutting-edging trading room, client deposit solutions, your branded website, and easily integrated payment systems. Here are the distinctive features of any Forex White Label:


MT5 Trading Platform

MT5 is a revolutionary automated trading system employing additional trading functions to trade CFDs, cryptocurrencies, including stocks, commodities, and others. Compared to the MT4 platform, MT5 has better plugins maximizing the trading experience. With clicka MT5 your clients will be able to receive information on different financial instruments covering price change, total volume, number of trading volumes. Trading is also possible via mobile devices. In addition, it is extremely user-friendly enabling traders to modify their positions and open multiple charts with one click on the order.


Payment Systems

Forex brokers have their own deposit and withdrawal requirements. The more payment options they have, the easier is the funding process. clicka utilizes the most popular PSPs for your clients’ convenience. They can fund their accounts with credit cards, e-wallets, PayPal, or wire transfers.


Trader’s Room

While many people try to start their brokerage, not all of them can achieve favorable results. This happens because they fail to provide all the necessary tools that would make them stand out from competitors. This is not the case with Clicka CRM. Our Trading Room is integrated with MT5 and popular payment systems. It also includes space for your affiliates such as IBs, efficient customer support, and forex news. Apart from that, there are real-time KYC and AML services that use AI-based verification procedures.

 These are the main components. And what’s more important, we can accommodate the specific needs of your company. That is, we can tailor a product to suit your individual requirements at affordable prices.  

Opting for the Forex White Label Solution takes off the burden and helps new brokers enjoy a customized platform, efficient customer support, CRM, and marketing tools.

With a Full Brokerage Suit, you won’t need to spend your time and energy on maintenance and marketing. Especially, with a clicka quick and effective Forex Program that works both on iOS, Android OS, and Windows OS.


Key Features

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management used in companies that have call centers to boost their sales. It is a tool to keep track of all your contact information, client engagement, purchases and more within CRM. You want to make sure that incoming leads can be followed-up and thus, based on that, prioritize sales activities. And don’t underestimate the importance of CRM since you are a small or middle-size company. In fact, without the CRM system in your business, you will waste your time on surfing more than targeting. In addition, without CRM you won’t be able to understand what’s happening in your sales and retention department. We can put it differently -  CRM is a way to control your business and if you want to enhance the performance, then you simply can’t afford your company to function without CRM.

Customer Relationship Management delivered by clicka stores all your lead data in one place, including your automation and marketing.  While there are many benefits of using clicka, we’d like to highlight the main features: Data Lead Protection, WhatsApp and SMS Integration, and Integrated Dialer. Let’s review each of them separately.


Data Lead Protection

Data lead protection refers to the information protection of your clients. Our virtual world depends on the personal information of customers. Although businesses use this data to bring more personalized services, they need to ensure data security as well. Thanks to the fully embedded clicka VoIP, lead contact information will be hidden without disrupting the work of your sales and retention reps.


WhatsApp and SMS Integration

WhatsApp and SMS can become very useful tools for better communication with your clients. Even more, you can make use of WhatsApp or SMS to create different marketing campaigns. In particular, this is true for Forex brokerage firms.

As a Forex broker who is committed to your clients, maximizing customer engagement should be your top priority. In other words, you want to be as available as possible and reach out to existing and potential traders in the most effective way. Why? Because good customer support is not only about genuine relationships between you and your customer, but it is also about keeping your business on a rise.

clicka caters to WhatsApp and SMS integration for your business. You will be able to set up your business profile and engage with your customers globally. Whatsapp can even allow you to automate messages and nurture your leads by sending brochures and other resources to your potential users.


CRM Dialer

CRM dialer is an integrated call center system designed for companies that need to contact hundreds of customers daily. The system makes the processes automated and allows for the effective interaction of your clients in totally new ways.

With a clicka Dialer, you can quickly contact customers and leave an automated message if the call drops to voice mail or connect the system to a live person if someone answers. This reduces call and waiting time significantly providing a delivery rate at 99%. Besides, this tool keeps track of task progress and employee productivity. Our integrated dialer enables sale reps to automatically call 5 customers simultaneously. This adds to your efficiency, better real-time monitoring, and reporting.  

As our White Label partner, you will be able to have full control and transparency over the technology through which you manage your clients.