CRM and Social Media Marketing in 2021

CRM and Social Media Marketing in 2021

One of the biggest mass immigration events in humanity's history is probably moving to the digital world. When the world moved online, everything went online with it, and your potential customers are no exception. So, what is the best way to reach them and influence them? Of course, through social media. People are browsing social media all day long, and you need to take the most advantage out of that.

Statistics show that more than half of the conversations that occur between social media users are about brands. Why shouldn’t your brand be one of them? People constantly share their experiences with various brands on different social media platforms, what they think of those brands and their expectations. This could either be while they are looking for someone or a company that provides products or services similar to yours or while they are simply trying to get your attention.

Tapping into these conversations opens up a whole new world of lead generation for your business. Through these newly generated leads, you can nurture your prospects and gain more and more publicity. These interactions on social media can be the best chance for you and your business to create new opportunities for improving your customer service and increase your sales.

But, how do you do all that? It’s easy. It would help if you had a system or software that knows your customer cycle. This way, the system can identify when prospects and potential customers reach out to you and help you find new leads. The system we are talking about is nothing but CRM or Customer Relationship management.

A good CRM has social features that allow you to integrate your social media accounts with your sales. In this article, we will look at some of the best and most important advantages having a CRM system will create for your business concerning social media marketing. 


A full view of your dashboard

Regardless of the kind of CRM you get, you will always have a dashboard where you can see the tasks you have done or those that must be done that day. Of course, it is customizable, and you can choose to modify what you want to see and how much of it you want to appear when you first open your CRM on your desktop. However, your dashboard's story will be a little bit different once you have integrated it with your social media.

When you integrate your CRM system with your social media, direct interactions are listed on your dashboard. What do we mean by “direct interactions”? These are contacts that people make directly with you on social media. For example, when somebody mentions you or your brand in a comment section under a post or a story, you will be notified.

So, why is this good for you? Think about it. All a business owner wants is to interact with their customers directly to understand how they feel about their brand. Now, you have this opportunity right in front of you on your desktop. Knowing how people feel towards your products or services, there is so much you can do to improve yourself, rethink your sales strategies, and customize your services to appeal to customers more. And that is not all. You can also keep track of those changes to see whether they are working or not.


Monitoring Feeds

Once your CRM system is integrated with your social media, the feeds from those accounts will be listed within your CRM. People post and write about you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all their hashtags will be shown; you will be able to track and monitor them to see what people are saying about you.

A good CRM will also allow you to set up keywords relevant to your business or your prospects’ interests to filter the feeds. For example, if you own an online trading platform, you can choose the keyword “Bitcoin” because you know that is probably the first thing your prospects will be looking for online. After that, you can only see feeds from people who are talking or hashtagging “Bitcoin.” If you feel they are qualified or fit the criteria you have set up for your marketing, you can add them to your CRM so that they will receive emails, ads, or any other promotions you want them to see. This makes your team’s job much easier to follow the prospects are potentially turn them into leads.


Automated Lead Generation

Once you have filtered your feeds with the keywords you have chosen, you can program the CRM to do the rest for you. In fact, that is the primary idea of having a CRM; to do the tasks automatically.

So, instead of finding every lead among all those feeds and adding them to your contacts, the whole process can be automated for you by your CRM. This way, you do less job and spend less time finding leads. Therefore, your precious time can be used more effectively rather than doing a mundane manual task all day long. Moreover, with this process done automatically, you can make sure that you do not lose any leads. After all, how many feeds can you read a day? While a robot, in this scenario, your CRM, can do an infinite number.


One Post for All

Finally, and probably the best feature of having your CRM integrated with your social media account is that you can post directly on all your social media from your CRM.

If you do not have a CRM or it is not integrated with your social media, you would have to copy whatever you have posted, let’s say on Instagram, and paste it on Twitter to post the same thing on both. Or what happens with a video? You would have to go to each platform to upload and post videos separately.

However, you do not need to do so when your CRM is integrated with your social media. Whatever you type and post can be published on all of your social media accounts simultaneously. Think about how much time you can save this way.