Green CRM for Brokerage Companies

Green CRM for Brokerage Companies

We have talked about what CRM systems do, why they are beneficial for your company, how they can help your business, what special features a good CRM system must have, and so on. You can see the full list of our articles on different subjects here:

However, in 2021, things have changed quite a bit. CRM systems have taken on new trends, and we are going to talk about one of the most important ones in this article.

The environment has not always been people’s primary concern, and unfortunately, those people are still in the minority. There is so much that we, inhabitants of the earth, can do to protect our planet and preserve it for the next generations. As business people, our top priority is to run our companies as efficiently as possible and, as a result, make more profit. So much so that we tend to neglect our surroundings to an almost destructive degree. CRM systems came around for the same purpose, too: in order to help us run our business better, deliver high-quality services to our clients, and eventually make more profit more effortlessly. But, is it possible to have all of these and also be environmentally friendly? Could CRMs assist us in a way that we use less paper, consume less energy, and in general, become a greener brokerage company?

The answer is Yes, definitely! But, how? In this article, we are planning to point out some key features that CRM systems have and contribute to brokerage companies becoming much greener than before. So, if you want to save the planet as you make money, keep reading.


Cryptocurrency To Replace Paper Money

As different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, started to grow in popularity and hence in value, a lot of companies and brands decided to accept them as a form of payment on their websites and even at stores. However, some countries and governments have taken this phenomenon to another level.

As of today, El Salvador is the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. According to CNBC, “The purpose of this law is to regulate bitcoin as unrestricted legal tender with liberating power, unlimited in any transaction, and to any title that public or private natural or legal persons require carrying out.”Following this trend, it is very likely that other counties will adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender in their territories soon.

A considerable amount of material and energy goes into minting money, whether being coins or notes. This amount of paper, metal, or energy such as electricity or fossil fuels can be reduced, if not eliminated altogether, using CRM systems to promote this trend all around the world. If your CRM helps your brokerage company promote buying and using cryptocurrency instead of money, more and more people will be attracted to switch to using an electronic wallet for their shopping rather than physical money. As a result, less money is produced by banks all over the world. Of course, that would be the ultimate goal of this business, but on a smaller scale, it is a win-win situation for everyone. Your brokerage makes more profit by attracting new clients, and the environment suffers less from the production of a massive amount of money.


Mining Crypto Using Clean Energy?

The counterargument towards replacing money with cryptocurrency is that some people believe this change is actually worse for the environment since a significant amount of electricity must be used in order to mine the cryptocurrency. This means that a lot of fossil fuels are burnt for producing that amount of electricity. However, burning fossil fuels is not the only way of producing electricity, is it?

There are so many sites that use solar panels as a source of energy for this process. Some areas on the coastline use hydroelectric power, and some others have put up wind turbines. All these are examples of this business going greener and greener every day. If you choose to be one of these green sites or get your cryptocurrency for your brokerage company from one of these sites, you will be saving the planet in two ways. So, if you care about the earth, why not think of an alternative solution like this?


Less Office Work Means Less Paper

Have you ever thought about how many trees are cut down for producing the paper you use at your company? If you already know the answer and still do not have a CRM system, you should really consider getting one because you really are destroying the earth, whether you know it or not.

On average, 17 trees are cut down for making a ton of paper. The Global Forest Resource Assessment in 2018 released the official data that roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world, with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. 45% of paper printed in offices ends up trashed by the end of the day. With all these figures, you can imagine how destructive your company potentially is if you have just ten employees.

Despite all the abovementioned scary numbers, there is still hope. CRM has considerably reduced the consumption of paper in many businesses, especially brokerage companies. It is not just the information or contacts that we once used to keep on paper, and nowadays, they are on a cloud. In fact, it is cloud computing that has really revolutionized this field of work. Everything we do, from storage and databases to networking and analytics, is all considered cloud computing. In other words, it is the delivery of computing services over the internet.

If you take the scale of the work into account, this migration from office work to cloud computing has made a huge difference for the environment. Just think about how much paper used to be consumed by office workers for things like contacts, guarantees, registration, and so on all around the world, and now, all of it is on a cloud. Therefore, on a global scale, CRM and cloud computing has made a positive contribution to preserving the environment.