How CRM’s Live Chat Option Benefits Your Business

How CRM’s Live Chat Option Benefits Your Business

Immediate Response to the Customer

Live chat is an amazing tool that businesses can utilize to talk to their website visitors online in real time. This means that when somebody is browsing your website or has a question about a certain product or pricing, or they can’t find something on your website, they can easily click on the chat button and start a conversation with one of your team members. This way, they can seek help and get an answer much faster than any other form of communication.

A customer that reaches out to you via the live chat option is likely to get a response within minutes in most cases. Whereas, if they contact your company by email, they are usually replied a day or two after. In case of calling the companies, customers are often asked to give some information about themselves and their purchase, and they are called back by the customer service team later on the same day. In either case, live chat provides a shorter way for the customers to receive the service they are looking for more efficiently.


Potentially More Sales

Research and statistics show that a good and responsive live chat option on the companies’ website can affect the number of sales considerably. When customers are satisfied with the level of attention you give them and they see you as a trustworthy organization, they are much more likely to spend their money on your products.

Plus, if they have contacted you using the live chat, you know that they are already interested in your company and your products. So, you can use your sales techniques or any other methods to turn that person into a loyal customer of yours.

If you manage to show your potential customer on the first impression that you are knowledgeable and quick, and are willing to give them personalized answers, you have already succeeded in providing a pleasant customer experience for them. That is more than enough to close a deal. So, the reason this is important is that because the faster you are replying, the faster you are going to convert that website visitor into an actual buyer. This is an opportunity that you do not want to lose and send your visitor to the competition.

A CRM system or an organization that provides CRM software for companies can install the feature of the live chat on your website so that you can benefit from all the perks there are.


How does a Live Chat button work on your website?

There are various ways of enabling and using the feature of live chat from a CRM software program, including the offline chat, the pre-chat forms, and so on.

The CRM software you are using, most of them work this way anyway, gives you the ability to use a simple form in order to trigger the chat before the visitor is actually able to chat with you. All they have to do is to enter their name and email address. This will send a quick message to your live agent dashboard and as soon as you open it, the chart will start.

The chat screen or the pre-chat form pops up in a small window on the right-hand corner at the bottom of the screen when the visitor clicks on the button. The shape, the color, and the whole atmosphere of the chat button or area are totally customizable from your CRM software. You can change the theme according to the interest of your potential customers to make your website look the most appealing for them.


The All-seeing Mode

One very cool feature that you will have when you install your chat option from your CRM system is the all-seeing mode; you can also check that from your live agent dashboard. This mode allows you to see the chat line as they are being typed word by word before the website visitor sends them.

Why is this good for you as a business owner? Your agent or whoever that is working that day can start looking for a solution as soon as they see the problem or the purchase number in case of complaints. This way, your agents will be able to provide the amazing customer experience for that website visitor without having to ask them for a lot of information or any unnecessary questions.


The offline option

If somebody wishes to contact you after your business hours, it is not possible unless you have an active CRM system. What happens is that they send a message and you receive that in a form of a ticket into your live agent dashboard.


Post-chat Feedback Forms

This is an option that you can also enable from your CRM system. By doing so, you can provide a form for the website visitor to ask them to give you feedback on how satisfied they have been with your response after you are done chatting.

Using a form like this, you also continue your conversation after the situation has been resolved to ask them for any follow-ups. Plus, it gives you the chance to target them later for your promotions because you have their information, including their name, contact and what kind of services they need.



Live chat is a very important and useful feature for any business to have on their websites. It allows companies to be more responsive to their customers’ needs and provide them with the best customer experience possible. A CRM system or software enables you to have a live chat option from your live agent dashboard and design it in a way that attracts visitors to contact you the most. This way, you will have the ability to prove yourself to your potential customers and make them your loyal clients.