Improve your Internal Communication using CRM

Improve your Internal Communication using CRM

Running a business is hard, but leading it to success is on another level of difficulty. One factor that makes this job easier, and is actually one of the most important factors that determine the failure or success of your business, is the communication that is done within your company. With good and effective communication among colleagues in one company, most problems can be solved effortlessly. And that is not all! New techniques and skills can be developed in order to enhance the performance of the whole team in case of making more sales and profit if employees of one organization share their experience with each other.

You can improve the level and quality of your company’s internal communication by implementing a CRM system. There are so many different articles about the perks of having a CRM system for your business and how different features of it benefit your team and its performance. However, there is one feature that is not talked about in detail as much as the others: internal communication. This article will explain how a CRM system can help your business grow with better communication among your staff members.


Sharing Tasks

The interface of most CRM software programs is designed in a way that maximizes the user’s view of tasks. As soon as you log into the CRM software, you will be able to see all the tasks that every employee has to complete within the company. So, in other words, everybody knows what everybody else is doing at all times. This is customizable as well, which means that you can change the filters and only view the tasks that you have to do at the company within the next day, week, or month.

You can also drill down on the tasks that your team members have. If you want to see what task a particular employee is doing on a specific day, you can easily double-click on the task and see the details of what everyone is doing. For example, you can see that your customer service team member has received a call from a client whose authorization request, for instance, is still pending. You can also see that he is supposed to verify the client's documents at 1 p.m. Now, how is this useful?

Think of a day that one employee is on sick leave. What happens to the tasks that must be done on that day by that employee? Without a CRM system, someone would have to call them and ask for all the details: things they have done so far, things they have to do on that day, and the way those tasks should be carried out. It is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Plus, there is no guarantee that all the tasks will be covered with the same quality as before. To make matters worse, it also adds to the workload of another employee to get all the updates and inform those who have to cover the tasks.

On the other hand, if your company had been using a CRM system, all the information about the tasks is already there, with details; just like mentioned above. So, if somebody is sick or not at work today for any reason, any other member of the staff can cover for them without any calls or communication necessary because they can see all the details of all the tasks on the CRM software. This eliminates the time that must be spent for getting updates completely, therefore, the team will have more time on their hands to actually do work and make a profit for the company.


Tracking Customer Service Issues

As a manager or a department head, you are supposed to be looking over the work of your subordinates and monitor everything closely. Of course, delegation and trusting your employees is a big part of leading a team. But you still want to make sure everything is being run as smoothly as possible, especially when it comes to dealing with your existing customers. Those are the ones that have already bought goods or services from your company. So, if they are not satisfied with the quality of the service they receive after their purchase, the reputation of your business will be in jeopardy.

Taking care of everything on your own is impossible, and if you are planning on being a good manager, you have to learn how to delegate and supervise tasks, rather than doing them. But this job is not as easy as it sounds, especially when your team and the company starts to expand. Success in any business comes with more customers, and in order to handle that, you need more staff. What you desperately need at this stage is a CRM system. This way you can follow the work of your team without having to conduct too many meetings to get updates from your employees or asking them to fill out a report form every single day.

Let’s say you have a newcomer at your company; someone with insufficient experience. And you want them to learn the craft as they go. So, they actually start to work and interact with your customers. You want to watch over their performance, but your hectic schedule as the manager does not allow that. What you can easily do with a CRM software is to turn on the notification for that specific team member. This way, every time they pick up a ticket from a client or interact with them, you will get a notification and can see all the details from their communication, even if you are away from the office.



Effective communication inside your company is the key that drives your business towards more profit and success. This is impossible if you do not have a CRM system in place because it takes more time for your employees to actually talk to each other and ask for details. If you are a manager and you wish to lead your team in the most effective way, having a CRM system is vital.