Take Your Business Online Using the Best CRM

Take Your Business Online Using the Best CRM

Do you have a business? Has your company suffered a loss in the past year due to fewer clients walking into your branches, and you feel that you can make more profit by continuing your business online? If yes, this article is for you.

In this article, you will be reading about why it is crucial to establish an online version of your business, especially at this time in 2021. Plus, we will talk about how it is manageable and how a CRM system can help you in this way (for more information, visit ClickaCRM packages).


Why should you go online in 2021?

A thorough answer to this question would be very lengthy and probably boring for everyone. So, for this article's sake and keeping the explanations brief, we have mentioned them very quickly here.


1. It is more convenient.

Think about it from the point of view of a customer. Most people will rather browse a website from their homes' comfort if they are looking for a certain type of product, especially if they know what they want. Going to a shop is very inconvenient these days because of all the restrictions governments impose on traffic.

So, if you have an online business or a website to promote your products, your chances are of being seen or interacting with potential clients will be multiplied.


2. No Limitations

The virtual world is endless, and so are the things you can showcase on your website or your social media page, whereas in a store, you cannot accommodate more than a certain number of products due to lack of space. Of course, you can put more things up for display if you have a bigger place, but that will add to your expenses if you are renting the shop because bigger space always means more rent.


3. Less staff equals fewer expenses

If you own a business, you already know that a major part of any organization that keeps the business up and running is the staff. You also probably know that paying your staff always depends on whether you are making any profit. You can manage to pay your staff from your savings a few times a year if the business has been bad in particular months, but if the situation continues or gets worse, and you want to keep paying your staff, you will end up with no money in your bank account. That is when the only solution is to make some of your employees redundant.

On the other hand, if your business is online, thanks to CRM solutions, almost everything that is handled by your employees manually can and will be taken care of by computers. For example, keeping records of conversations between clients includes salespeople and their outcomes, client information, contacts, etc. Therefore, you will no longer have to pay people to do these things for you. In other words, setting up an online business and paying for a CRM system is an investment you make for your business to pay less money later.


4. Easy Payment

How many customers have you lost just because they were not carrying cash at the moment or they had forgotten to take their wallets from home? We know the answer is “many.” This never happens when a customer is shopping online. Once they decide they want a product or a certain type of service, making the purchase is a few clicks away.


What can CRM do for you to go online more easily?

A number of things a CRM system can help you with if you have decided to introduce your business to the World Wide Web. Let’s look at them together.


1. Automated work

As we discussed earlier, most of the work done manually at a workplace can be automated using a CRM system. For example, stopping your clients’ contacts and their relevant information is a task that might take weeks to be completed, depending on the size of your company. Automation can save you a lot of time and work. With CRM software and the solutions it offers, this task can be done in a matter of seconds, way more efficiently and better organized than anyone could do manually.


2. Letting People Know

Let’s say you have successfully set up your website or your social media page to sell your products or services. How do your existing customers know that you are also available online? How do you put the word out there so that people will know they can find you on the internet? Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, not with a CRM. A CRM can easily send all your existing clients or prospects a text message or an email to let them know of this change. All you need is a database of contacts, which can easily be created using CRM.


3. Creating a Payment Gateway

How do people pay online? Is it safe? Well, you, as the business owner, can make it safe. A CRM company can create a safe Payment Gateway for your website using various security measures and firewalls. It will be safe both for you and the customers. Wire and bank transfers are so easy these days. The money that is paid by the customer online will be processed in a couple of days and will usually be in your account within 48 hours. There is no need for you to go to the bank.


4. Reaching out to Potential Customers

With a CRM system, not only do you not have to worry about finding leads for your company, but you can also have automated calls or messages sent to your target audience for promotional purposes. What CRM does is that it finds people who might be interested in your products or services based on their interests in social media. The advantage for you is that you can easily set your CRM to send them an ad or a pre-written text with a link to your website to have them interact with your company and hopefully close a deal with them.