Top 2021 CRM Trends

Top 2021 CRM Trends

The world is constantly changing and everything we use, including computer tools and software programs, must evolve to be adapted to these changes. The pace of advancements in technology is sometimes so fast that it makes it almost impossible for us to keep up with. However, we can monitor the situation and realize where most of these changes are expected to go. These predictions can help us modify whatever tool we are using for our business so that as a result, we will be able to stay in the competitive market.

In this article, we are going to talk about how CRM tools are evolving. In this case, we call them “trends”. So, let’s look at some new CRM trends and why it is important for any business to try to adjust itself to these trends in 2021 in order to succeed.


More and More Businesses are Using CRM in 2021

The popularity of CRM tools and systems is growing every day. Consequently, CRM developers have done everything they could and will keep trying to maximize their profits to make the job of their users as easy as possible. In other words, CRM systems are no longer a difficult tool to work with, thanks to the providers. CRM developers realized that the simpler they try to make the platform for users and clients to use, the more businesses will demand their products.

So, what does this mean? This means that almost every business all around the world is using some sort of a CRM system. As a result, they become increasingly better at customer service and managing their customer relationship. This will boost their customer satisfaction level and more and more people will be attracted to their company. So, every organization becomes one of the competitors in the market.

The bottom line is to keep an eye on all the businesses and organizations as using a CRM system is so easy these days that has made the job of companies very simple. By using some simple tools, everyone can become a rival.


Too Many Good Options to Choose From

This also goes back to the phenomenon we talked about in the previous part. CRM systems have become extremely popular among company owners and will keep growing in popularity in 2021. This has resulted in the emergence of so many CRM providers due to the high demand. So, the competition is fierce in the market of CRM systems as well. They are all doing their best to develop the best and the most user-friendly platform possible, and quite honestly, a lot of them have been successful in doing so.

This has made the job for organization leaders absolutely difficult. Which CRM system to go with and which tools to look out for are questions that any CEO or manager is constantly struggling with. Too many choices in the market have created an awful lot of confusion for those who are searching to purchase a CRM system for their business. And the number will keep going up.


Technology Will Keep Affecting CRM Systems in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been a useful tool for developers to build into their platforms in order to provide the best quality of automated tasks for their users. However, in 2021, Artificial Intelligence is predicted to become one of the main components of a great CRM system. Statistics show that those businesses that use AI for any part of their company or customer relationship are twice more likely to double their annual income. Plus, according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda survey, it is estimated that AI associated with CRM activities will boost global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of 2021.

But, that is not all the effects of technology on the development of CRM systems. User interfaces are going towards a more voice-operated and conversational environment. Research on voice technology by Adobe shows that 94 percent of all users consider voice technology easy to use and say that it is much more than merely a time-saving tool. They stated that it improves their quality of life as well as helping them automate tasks.

Voice assistant technology is making the job of salespeople easier these days. Thanks to this tool, they can now track their customers faster, message their colleagues more quickly, and update them on any changes much more efficiently.


More Advanced Tools Built Into CRM Systems

It is true that companies and developers are trying to make using CRM systems as easy as possible for users, but CRM providers are also trying to make their tools more and more sophisticated at the same time. These days, any simple and basic CRM you see in the market has the ability to monitor pipelines and funnels. They can generate regular reports and help the managers analyze their points of strength and weakness.

This level of sophistication has created a good balance between the ease of use for clients and assisting them with solving problems that require specialized solutions.


Customer Experience Will Remain the Most Important Goal for CRMs in 2021

A considerable proportion of customers (more than 80 percent) say that the experience a company creates for them is more valued in their opinion than the product or service they receive.

With that being said, it is expected for the CRM systems to move towards the way that helps organizations provide the best shopping or interaction experience possible for their customers. While it is true that CRM systems are being developed with more advanced and sophisticated built-in tools, it seems that it is not going to change the fact that these features still mean nothing to a business if the company fails to keep their clients happy. Some of the simple tools that will remain as popular in 2021 as before in CRM systems are:

  • Live chat
  • Quick Customer Support
  • A good support ticket system
  • A dashboard that shows the full customer journey
  • Synchronized customer data between different apps and platforms
  • Automated report system
  • Chat and call record and history
  • Easy integration with other tools or websites