Top 5 CRMs in 2021

Top 5 CRMs in 2021

Starting a company or business has never been easier. However, the real challenge is how you decide to grow your business and succeed in doing so. Thanks to the advances in technology and the World Wide Web, access to all sorts of information is no longer a problem. CRMs are available to everyone on the internet to purchase and use for their organizations. But, which one is the best, and what features do you need from a CRM system to suit your company's needs the best in 2021?

Gathering sufficient information about CRMs to make a good decision for your business is time-consuming. Moreover, it is impossible to try all the CRMs on your own so that you could gain some first-hand experience and get a good deep understanding of how things work. So, that is why we decided to write this article for you. We realized that this is when businesses and managers need CRMs more than ever, and they need to make a decision as quickly as possible, with very little time to contemplate.

Our team analyzed the performance of the most popular CRMs in 2020 alongside their prospective changes and updates in 2021. Finally, we came down to 5 CRMs that we think will benefit every business in the most efficient way possible. Here are our picks for the top 5 CRMs in 2021.

It is also worth noting that even though some of these CRMs might triumph over others in case of a few minor features, our team sees no difference between their predicted overall performances in 2021. Therefore, the order in which they have been mentioned in this article is completely regardless of our priority.



Probably the best feature of the Hubspot CRM system that can help every business grow very effectively is its growth platform. This will allow you to create a flywheel to manage everything you need, from services to sales, all in one place. The Marketing Hub feature helps you attract more customers, not just any customer, but the right people. By writing tailor-made ad campaigns and engaging with leads through more personalized messages, you can share a more meaningful and useful context with your audience.

The other feature that stands out the most next is the Sales Hub. It makes your sales team's work much easier and they can work almost twice as faster as before. Plus, the software has a Service Hub that can guide your customers to automated responses in case of any problems.


Zoho One

If you have done a little research about CRMs, Zoho must have come up. But why is Zoho One our pick for one of the top 5 CRMs in 2021? Well, it is obvious. Zoho One has some features that Zoho does not have and does not intend to add with updates. That is actually why they created Zoho One.

With Zoho One, not only can you manage your services and customers, but you can also manage your HR, which can be a huge advantage for bigger companies. It enables them to hire the best candidate for each position and build the best team they can. All the business applications in Zoho One are fully integrated that connect your marketing and sales. This allows you to measure your marketing techniques' effectiveness based on the leads and deals generated.

Plus, you can connect your sales with your inventory management system to update stock counts.



There is definitely more than one major feature that makes ClickaCRM a great platform, so we try to mention them briefly here.

ClickaCRM can be integrated with MT5 for your desktop, mobile, and web browsers. If your business is anything related to online trading or sales, you must know that MT5 is one of the most powerful tools you can use for your business. You most probably know how convenient it is if your trading platform and your CRM are integrated.

With ClickaCRM, you can set up a live chat option for your business, whether on your website or the mobile application for your company. If you do not know the benefits of having a live chat and are interested in knowing, you can read How CRM’s Live Chat Option Benefits Your Business.

Another feature that has made ClickaCRM stand on top of most of the best CRMs is that you can have a separate call center CRM. Why is it beneficial for your business to have a call center CRM? You can read the Features of A Good Call Centre CRM.



Pipedrive is specifically designed for managing sales and is primarily every sales team’s weapon of choice. Perhaps, the reason for it being such great software for scaling sales is that real salespeople have written it. They realized, in reality, how difficult it can be to manage your sales. So, they came up with Pipedrive.

With Pipedrive, you get an alarm as soon as you log in. This way, you know exactly which leads need more attention, which is the basic purpose of scaling leads. So, instead of spending most of your day and wasting your time dealing with leads that you are not sure whether or not will end up being closed, you can focus on those you know are in urgent need of your services. Therefore, your chances of closing deals are increased, and your boss will be way more satisfied with your performance.



If you manage a team or a business, you might have already looked into different CRM options you can get for your company or already got one. However, most CEOs doubting their choice in getting a CRM is that these applications are usually old-school, complicated, or too expensive. Sometimes, CRMs are so bare-boned that they do not do what you need them to do without pricy integrations, or they are too slow that they slow down your entire sales team instead of helping them do things more quickly.

Salesmate has solved all these problems for you. It is cheap, very easy to learn and work with, and designed to fit a modern company's needs.